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3D Lips, Hybrid Eyebrows , Butterfly Eyeliner

3D Eyebrow training in Budapest , Hungary. Learning the most natural hair strokes.

Microblading Eyebrow training in Vancouver.

Permanent Makeup Training ( PMU ) in Edmonton , Alberta at the General Hospital.




I absolutely love my eye brows! I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Nancy is amazing and talented and I am so glad I came across her page. I should of had this done years ago but was very nervous, you can trust in Nancy I assure you you will be very pleased.

Tamara Dixon-Garrido
July 2017


I had such wonderful experience with Nancy! She is so lovely, inside and out! She offered to help me after such a terrible experience with permanent makeup, and showed me such kindness and compassion. Going to her home, I felt so comfortable, like visiting a sister! Her talent is amazing, and I left feeling the look of my eyebrows had much improved! I am looking forward to continuing to see Nancy, not only to visit, but so she can continue to help improve the look of my eyebrows. Nancy is your gal for permanent make up, choose her, her talent and commitment is unparalleled!

Karlee Price
February 2017


I am beyond happy with the work I had done to my eyebrows! Nancy was referred to me by a trusted friend and I am forever in her debt! I have so many complements on them that I have to smile and say it was totally worth it! I can’t wait to see Nancy again for more work! You are amazing Nancy!

Jody Shewman Morrissey
February 2017


Nancy is hands down the best in the business! I had permanent eyeliner done previously, and the “technician” that did the job made a major mistake, and tried to correct it. This resulted in a huge white blob in the corner of my eye. After three years, the white blob never did go away, wear down, or lighten.

After hearing about Nancy, and seeing her amazing reviews, I reached out to her regarding a consult for this mess on my eye. Once we met, and we talked for about 15 minutes, I knew I had found my savior! Not only did she correct the horrible job, she was inviting, caring, professional and a bit of a perfectionist!

Nancy is now my go to gal, and I can’t wait to see what she can do with my eyebrows! Forget the rest, Nancy is the best!!! Thanks.

Nicolle Wilhauk
December 2016


My experience with Nancy was life changing……honestly. I have always been so self conscience of my eye brows and Nancy has brought back my confidence and self esteem. This lady knows what she’s doing and is so conscience of her environment being so clean and the instruments in wrapped packaging which she shows you before starting a procedure. Love, love, love her and would highly recommend Nancy to change your out look on YOU!!! Thank you Nancy for what you do.

Leona Briske
October 2016


I cannot be happier with my permanent make-up that Nancy has done for me!! She is professional, educated and def has a talent/eye for what she does.

Roxanne Sankey-Banak
September 2016


All I can say is WOW!!! I had been thinking about getting something done with my eyebrows for quite some time now, as they had started getting sparse due to my thyroid condition and I was getting tired of constantly filling them in. I did my research and found that Nancys work was far superior to others that I have seen.

I cannot tell you how happy I am and today is only 1 day post micro-blading. They look incredible and natural (something I was concerned about).For the first time in years I was able to walk out of the house without filling in my eyebrows. I would and will recommend Nancy to anyone that I come across who is interested in this procedure.

Her office is extremely clean and welcoming. Her personality is amazing and she makes the entire experience very comfortable. She takes you through each step so that you know exactly what she is doing and you have the opportunity to voice any concerns you may have. 7 out of 5 stars!!!!

Thank you Nancy

Lindsay Bilyk
September 2016


I love my brows!!!!! Best decision ever! Always recommend friends and family to Nancy’s amazing skills. Totally returning back again

Loreen Rachel
August 2016


Nancy did an amazing job! My brows are quite full but I always hated filling in the ends and making them match… It was enough to drive me insane every morning. Thanks Nancy!

Monika Valentovic
August 2016


Excellent knowledge and skill. Would highly recommend years of experience.

Kerri Oshust
July 2016


I highly recommend Nancy! She did an excellent job of filling in my eyebrows and I now don’t have to struggle to pencil them in. Great experience!

Angela Filice-Libutti
July 2016


I would recommend Nancy’s work to anyone in an instant. The time and effort she put into shaping my old eyebrows into my new ones i’m sure is unparalleled in the city.

After my first visit I was floored at the difference she made to my face and my look by fixing my eyebrows. Before my appointment I was unsure of how the result would be for me as my eyebrows were misshaped and stopped growing in many years ago. I was scared that the microblading would look silly mixed together with my hairs, but as soon as Nancy took her first look at my eyebrows she assured me that she would make them look great, and that she did.

I am so in love with my eyebrows and so many of my friends have commented on how perfect they look every day and how big of a transformation my face had once I got my brows done.

Nancy’s workspace was beautiful and comfortable and I always felt welcomed for my appointments. She is very professional and I have no doubt that I will use her services again.

Leah Walkeden
June 2016


I had been wanting to do something more permanent with my sparse eyebrows for years. I’m blonde and also have a thyroid condition that impacts hair growth in the brow area. I’ve always been concerned that the procedure would leave my brows looking unnatural.

I heard about micro-blading several months ago and researched and researched the procedure. Once I had decided that the procedure was for me I started researching professionals how are skilled in the art. That was the tough part, I found many who had very little training and experience. Then I came across Nancy’s webpage and I got a good comfort level from what I read. I set up an appointment and Nancy worked her magic.

As others have shared, Nancy is very skilled in her craft (a true artist) and is great at explaining the process as she works through each step. I was really happy with my brows after my first appointment and as the intensity faded slightly over the few weeks before my second appointment I continued to be satisfied with the results. I had my follow up appointment today and wow, my brows look awesome. I’m so happy with them, it’s great not having to “apply” brows each morning, they look so natural, I’m more than satisfied…thanks Nancy!

Dale Kelly
June 2016


Nancy made me feel welcome and relaxed and gave me the best customer care I ever have experienced. She is a gifted artist and transformed my skinny almost non existent brows into natural looking well groomed ones……and that’s only after my first visit! I will (and have) refer my family and friends. Looking forward to my next visit. Excellent results.

Bonnie MacDougall
June 2016


An amazingly comfortable experience in such an immaculate, professional office. Waking up with brows is such a great feeling. Thank you to the beautiful Nancy. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with eyebrow concerns.

Maureen Leslie
May 2016


I had my eyeliner done and micro blading for my eyebrows. It’s always a treat going to see Nancy as she is very kind and makes for great conversation. As an added bonus her work is phenomenal!

Amy Bell
April 2016


I got my eyebrows done a year ago by Nancy and it completely changed my life. Going from very little brow hair to gorgeous natural looking brows was so life changing and amazing to me. I absolutely am IN. LOVE. with my eyebrows. Nancy is so kind and wonderful, I couldn’t recommend anyone more in Edmonton. She listens and is a complete artist!!! I see her for touch-up in a few weeks and cannot wait!

Christy Hissett
April 2016


I was referred to Nancy @ Endless Elegance by a mutual friend. She made me feel instantly at ease and very comfortable. She explained step by step what she would be doing and made it an enjoyable experience. I have been wanting to do something about my brows for years but didn’t want to go the permanent tattoo route, so when Microblading was explained to me I knew I would do it. I’m so glad it was Nancy that did it, I’m sure I could not have found anyone better. They turned out beautiful, no more pencilling in eyebrows, they are perfect. Nancy has a new lifetime client!! Thank you

Rose Marie Legere Bain
February 2016


I would highly recommend Nancy any day of the week. She’s warm, very friendly, and welcoming! Her facility is beautiful and impeccably clean. As soon as I met her, I was put at ease. I had a bad experience with a different permanent makeup facility. Nancy fixed my beauty mark and charged me half the price the other practitioner did. Nancy gave me as many free touch ups as I needed to walk away with a perfect result. She’s also a brilliant artist, so she took into account my colouring, face shape, everything. Go see this wonderful woman for a fantastic experience, start to finish!!

Kara Stone
March 2016


Fantastic experience! Worth every penny and moment of my time. Nancy is extremely welcoming and kind. Her work speaks for itself. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. I cried I was so extremely happy with how beautiful of a job she did. I send anyone and everyone I know her way!

Thanks Nancy for your hard work and dedication to your field. You are what makes this experience worth it. You are fabulous!

Amber Lee Vleeming
December 2015


I highly recommend Endless Elegance to anyone who has been thinking about getting micro blading. My sister and I live in BC and drove seven hours to get our eyebrows done. It was totally worth travelling for. The service I received and the end result exceeded my expectations. I am more than happy with my new Brows.. They are absolutely beautiful!! I will definitely be a returning customer.

Jessica Eckert
March 2016


A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy as I was looking for someone to help fix my non-existent eyebrows in time for my destination wedding. Nancy did such an amazing job and my brows and I decided to also get my lips done.

She is very professional and detail orientated. You can see this is her passion. The end results were very natural.

It feels amazing to be able to just wake up , wash my face , and go without having to apply a stitch of make-up.
I will be seeing Nancy again , and I will definitely recommend her to others.

Suzanne Gosselin
February 2016


I highly recommend Nancy !! She is extremely talented in what she does and makes you feel totally comfortable in the process. I will be a forever client thank you Nancy.

Tara Harden
February 2016


WOW!!!.I’m so impressed!!Nancy is so professional,artistic and tallented..shes amazing!!I’would totally trust her to do my whole face,if I could.I have a Natural Beautiful Arched,Full Eyebrow!!Just what I wanted!!Thank-You Nancy!!.I’m so Happy!!

January 2016


I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy, and my recent experience with her was fantastic! She was very welcoming and professional.  Her experience and expertise far surpassed my expectations! Nancy was very confident and reassuring during the treatment.

They say, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul and the eyebrow the expression of that soul’. My brows are a perfect 10!They frame my face perfectly, they were designed correctly and she enhanced symmetry and definition!
I would highly recommend her services!

Cheryl Riley
November 2015


I have had very sparse eyebrows for many years and drawing them on made me feel self conscious all the time plus it was very time consuming. I did some research and found Nancy online. I was very nervous come appointment day but Nancy made me feel very comfortable. She is really a pro at what she does and seeing her was the best decision I have ever made. I absolutely love my brows. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking into having their brows done. Thanks again Nancy!

August 2015


Nancy is truly an artist!  As a client I am so thankful for her incredible eye, and talent. Having Alopecia Universalis, I have lost all of the hair on my body. Losing my hair was so hard, but even worse was losing my eyelashes and eyebrows. Suddenly not only was I bald, I had absolutely no definition on my face!  For a short time I attempted to apply false lashes and draw on brows each day. I hated it!  When we met with Nancy she instantly put me at ease. Initially I had my eyeliner and brows done. I am SO thankful for that day, my confidence returned the minute I looked in the mirror and had my ‘face’ back. My brows are amazing. Most people don’t even realize I’ve had permanent makeup work done. They are natural, and thanks to Nancy compliment my facial features, and look fantastic. I highly recommend Nancy, she truly is AMAZING!

Lisa Bender
Lloydminster, AB. August 2015


Upon my Mother getting diagnosed with cancer we have decided that due to her hair loss from treatments we would go on a search to find a place we trust to get her eyebrows tatooed.  I have made several phone calls to various different establishments that have offered that service and just didn’t have that urge to take my Mom to any of them until my phone call with Nancy from Endless Elegance.  The minute I spoke with her and the tone of her voice gave me confidence that we were going to be in very good hands.  She was very informative with how the process works and I was very impressed with the ingredients that she used to achieve the natural look that we wanted.  She was also very accommodating with her schedule and we were able to see her without a long wait.

Upon arriving we were greeted on time and with a high degree of friendliness and professionalism, and I was extremely impressed at how impeccably clean her studio was.  She again took the time to explain in detail how the process worked and showed us what the finished results would look like prior to making them permanent.  Needless to say my Mother was thrilled with he finished results !!

Nancy was also very accommodating in offering to do a touch up after several weeks with no additional cost endured by us.  If I had to rate her service it would be a solid 10 out of 10 and would absolutely without hesitation recommend her to anyone including my closest family…..( and that should say a lot!)

If you or anyone else is looking for friendly, accurate and professional service, I can guarantee you that you should not look anywhere else.  Nancy at Endless Elegance gets my vote to be the best in the business and she has completely gained my trust……as I’m confident that she will gain yours !!

Basia Antos
July 2015


I had my eyebrows done by Nancy and it was the best decision I could have made. She took the time to show me the tools that she would be using and explained every step of the process. The technique that she used left my eyebrows looking completely natural. She went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the end result. I could not be happier with my eyebrows and the fact that I will no longer have to worry about waking up missing a eyebrow. Thank you so much for everything Nancy 🙂

Alicia Chin
July 2015


Over many years I have been to few different places to have permanent makeup done. Nancy has by far provided me with the best experience and results. I have never been happier with my permanent makeup. I showed her a picture of the type of brow shape that I wanted and she did exactly what I wanted. I find the feathering technique that she uses to be far superior to other methods that give a “drawn” on look. The feathering looks much more natural. Wonderful Environment, Wonderful Artist! Highly Recommend!

Sara Wuis
May 2015


I found Nancy on the Internet and just by looking at her website before and after pictures I could see that she was talented.  Not only has she been doing permanent makeup for years, but she has kept up to date with her training.  After researching her online, I decided to book in to get my eyebrows redone.  Nancy was very knowledgeable when I spoke with her, she was also very kind and personable. When I went in for my appointment, her clinic was clean and had a calming atmosphere.  She made me feel very comfortable with my procedure and did a fantastic job on my eyebrows!  She used new techniques I had not seen before and products which made my makeup very natural looking and beautiful!  Thank you Nancy!!

Celina Roska
May 2015


I had been very unhappy with my eyebrows for sometime. Using liner to fill the bald spots, I felt self conscience all the time. I worried the liner would run or smear should I scratch or sweat and I avoided swimming at all cost.

My research led me to Nancy and her professionalism and complete understanding of my plight was none the less life changing. I wake up everyday with perfect brows and feel completely transformed.

Nancy was very patient and she answered all my questions before I even asked them. My nervousness quickly dissipated due to her expertise and calming nature. My appointment was never rushed and Nancy’s ensured that I was completely satisfied.

Nancy does amazing work and she exceeded all my expectations.  I love my brows and it is an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and see what I’ve been missing for so long. Nancy is truly a loving and giving person and I can not express how grateful I am to have met her and for the wonderful brows she has given me.

Feb 2015


I found Nancy on the Internet and after checking out her website pics and testimonials I new I found the one u have been waiting 8 long years for who could fix the first set of eyebrows just the way I Envisioned them to be. Nancy was knowledgeable, kind and gentle and the antiseptic cream is a awesome new addition.  They look fantastic Nancy, I will be back .. Thank you so much.

Feb 2015


I would like to say thank-you to Nancy for my eyebrows I love them sooooo much. They are perfect and exactly how I wanted them. You have been so lovely and friendly throughout the whole experience, you quite clearly are very professional, take pride and are passionate about your work. I felt so comfortable and relaxed throughout, and with the numbing cream, almost pain free! I highly recommend  you to anyone, 100% amazing.

Natasha Scott
May 2015


Having my eyebrows corrected by Nancy was a real pleasure. Nancy was awesome at providing me with great information, guidance and best of all MY CONFIDENCE BACK! I can finally go swimming with my family and not be worried about how my makeup will hold up. Thanks again Nancy for giving me back a small piece of my happiness.

Crystal S
May 2015


I have only one regret about my eyebrows. I only regret that I didn’t get them sooner.  I have lived for too many years with skinny and one non existent eyebrow, the result of too much plucking when I was younger. I also remember reading somewhere that bad/skinny eyebrows can seriously age a mature woman, something I have been fighting for years. I know I can’t defy the aging process, but with my new eyebrows, I no longer have to earn bangs, I no longer have to pencil in fake ones, I can go swimming or rub my forehead without fearing I will erase them. And on top of that, people have noticed how beautiful they are! I didn’t get them for other people I got them for me and I love my eyebrows. Nancy is an artist, a professional, and have a one of those people you instantly like and trust. Would I recommend her service ? Absolutely!

May 2015


From the first time Nancy and I connected on making an appointment to get my eyebrows done, it was a fantastic experience.  Quick to respond and a complete professional, I felt at ease from the get-go.  When I arrived to get my brows done, I was very nervous.  Nancy put me to ease right away with her expertise and welcoming nature.  The best part of this whole process was how involved I got to be in the shape of my brows.  Nancy is the professional and I trusted her, but she checked off with me numerous times throughout both the initial appointment and follow-up.  I left feeling incredibly satisfied – no more melting brows in yoga, or feeling like I didn’t want to dunk my head in a pool; no more taking 5 – 10 minutes out of my day to make sure I had brows to leave the house with!  I absolutely love waking up every morning having my brows done and now feel totally confident to run my errands without make-up on.  I would recommended Nancy without hesitation to anyone (and have already done so with my friends!).”

March 2015


“When I decided to get my eyebrows done I was really nervous. I came across Nancy’s website by chance and I saw her work, I saw that she was very experienced, I read her testimonials and with all of this information I decided that this would be someone I trusted to do my eyebrows. I am SO GLAD I did. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. First of all, Nancy is one of the kindest people you will ever met. She really listens to what you would like and helps you to find what is best for you and your face shape. She explains what she is doing and why she is doing it every step of the way so you feel comfortable with what is happening. You know exactly what you will get with no surprises. Nancy is also an artist. You can tell she takes great pride in what she does and she will not let you walk out of there unless you are happy and everything looks perfect!

I am a natural redhead with super blonde, barely-there eyebrows. I have been drawing in my brows for years but drawing them on only takes you so far. I love swimming but I would avoid water like the plague lest my eyebrows wipe off. I would avoid exercising in public so my drawn on brows wouldn’t sweat off and one time I even inadvertently wiped ONE eyebrow off with a sweaty palm writing a university final (sooo embarrassing). I can not express the kind of relief you get from having perfect, natural looking eyebrows all the time without having to worry about one or both of them rubbing off. They also provide a nice stencil for you to pluck around and life is just a whole lot easier. BEST decision I have ever made and I would not go to anyone other than Nancy to get them done. She truly is AMAZING at what she does!!!



I have been getting my eyebrows tattooed for 10 years now. The first place I went was a place downtown, where I had the worst experience ever, and still to this day (10 years on) I still have purple color that will never go away. After this I had mediocre service at another establishment and still wasn’t quite pleased.  This time around I really did my research and came across Nancy on the internet; it was fate because this was the best experience I have had.

She was very welcoming; her studio is very clean and relaxing. After deciding on a shape and color the procedure began. She talked me through everything I would feel and what was happening next. It was practically painless (compared to past procedures) it was under an hour and then I was on my way with instructions on care and an appointment for a follow up appointment in 5 weeks’ time.

5 weeks later is the most important of the two appointments, a darker color was applied this time, was less than an hour again. After the healing process this time I was a little concerned with the color, it wasn’t quite as dark and bold as I expected. I contacted Nancy with my concern; she immediately made time for me to come back. All she wanted was for me to be happy and there was no extra charge for the 3rd procedure (cost only includes 2 visits).  Anyone looking for permanent eyebrows would be a fool to go anywhere else. Nancy is professional, friendly and very good at what she does. Your happiness is her main concern.



I got my eyebrows done from Nancy and I’m so happy I did! She has an eye for beauty and knows what will look good to match your facial features. Her technique is amazing, it looks like real hair! You can tell she cares and is very attentive to detail. Thank you so much Nancy!

Lia Nasseri


I watched the Academy Awards and noticed everyone has such delicious full eyebrows.  I’ve never had any procedures done, but started searching the WW Web, and found Nancy.  I’m 70 years old, and thought this just might be something I could benefit from.  Any trepidations I had soon vanished when I phoned her.  She is so kind, caring and good at her craft.  I would trust all my friends in her hands.  She made me look like I had a miniface-lift.  Love it, and the color suits me to a tee.  Thank you Nancy!



Nancy is amazing, and real artist.she did the best for my eyebrows, they are very natural and nice without any make up.
I was so picky and did lots of research before going her clinic I really satisfied, and I feel so confident.She showed me every step.
her clinic is very clean and peaceful.

I encourage anyone to try it,I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.



You are such a wonderful person. Beautiful from inside and outside. You did a wonderful job on my eye brows and I feel special and good looking.
Your kindness and politeness said it all. Very, very clean Clinic and very warm feeling.

I did not hurt at all during the procedure.
I would recommend you to anybody. I have already spread a word for you.

You are worth every penny and you deserve to get lots of clients because in my option you are
one of best artist I have come across.

Bless you.

Love & Warm Regards



When I first thought about getting my eye brows tattooed I was very nervous and unsure if I wanted something that permanent on my face especially being as fair as I am with blonde hair. After looking at all the horror stories on the internet I was almost immedietly turned away but then I came across Nancy’s website and seen the gorgeous transformation between her before and after pictures so I decided to make the call. After my first conversation with Nancy I was set on having the procedure done. Nancy was very professional and explained everything to me in great detail through our initial conversation and throughout the procedure. Nancy creates a very relaxing environment and the procedure was painless; I would recommend her to anyone. Nancy is a true artist and has definintely helped increase my confidence by giving me beautiful, perfect eye brows that no longer require any pencil time in the morning or melt off after the gym.

Thank you Nancy for my beautiful eye brows!! You are truly AMAZING!!!



My eyebrow experience with Nancy was extremely amazing! From the very first visit to the last! She is very professional, yet a warm and welcoming person. Nancy sets a very pleasant atmosphere as she plays relaxing music and talks you through everything. She has provided me with an eyebrow shape that best suits my face but also interpreted what I wanted. If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows semi permanently tattooed I strongly recommend that you go to Nancy as I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Samantha Kerr-Mervyn


Wonderful !!! That’s one of the many things I can say about my experience with Nancy . She really is amazing at what she does . It’s nice to have someone who is very knowledgeable and will explain everything throughly before she starts. I was so skeptical about the idea of permanent make up but I would recommend it to all the people who have pondered the idea !! I feel so much confident, especailly without make up. I’m so happy I followed thru with this like I said I 100% encourage anyone to try it if they have had interest !! Thank you Nancy 🙂



Freedom! This is the word that comes to mind when I think of my new brows! I am a very active person, and now I am free to do water sports, jump in the lake, and work out knowing that my brows are still framing my face! I love stepping out of the shower and seeing in the mirror that my brows are already there! I can leave the house with just mascara, rather than spending time each morning creating my brows, only to have them smudge or disappear when taking clothes on/off, rain, sweat, water sports, or realize that in my haste I did my brows asymmetrically etc….,my permanent cosmetic brows are fantastic! Nancy’s clinic room is very clean, bright and pleasant. Nancy does very precise work and cares about minute details of the brows, which creates a wonderful result. My new brows lift the look of my eyes, look very natural, and I feel so confident with them. I have had my brows done in the past; Nancy’s clinic space skill are both far superior. I will continue with Nancy and recommend her highly!

– Lorraine


Nancy is a woman of her word, a professional, an the best at what she does. I’m so grateful as well as pleased with my brows. It was a nuisance having to do them everyday with the fear they’d disappear by the end of it lol. I look forward to getting my eyelashes done and I will be spreading the word on your exceptional work I can’t say it enough Thank You Nancy your a savior!

– Michelle Emery


I have been going back and forth with the decision to tattoo my eyebrows and was very skeptical about the outcome but I was referred to Nancy by a friend and decided to check out her website. I was pleased by the before and after pictures so I decided to call. When I talked to Nancy on the phone for the first time she answered all my questions (there were many) with ease and confidence that the outcome will be fabulous. And today I can say with confidence that I love my eyebrows! Nancy considered all aspects of my face and created such a great eyebrow shape that best suited me. She saved me tons of time not drawing them on every morning (about 15 minutes), I do not have to buy another eyebrow pencil ever again (went through them like crazy) AND she gave me the confidence to not wear make-up all the time! The process was quick and pretty painless and she made the experience comfortable. The healing time didn’t take very long and wasnt all that bad . I recommend to everyone who wants their eyebrows done to get them done with Nancy.

Thanks again for my fabulous eyebrows! I will let you know if I need some eyelashes done =)


“My experience with Nancy was nothing less than fantastic. I had already paid twice for permanent eyeliner in the U.S. and it wasn’t very noticeable which was incredibly disappointing. When I contacted Nancy and explained my situation, she assured me that she would be able to get the results that I was originally looking for, and she definitely delivered! It was an easy going/comfortable experience and she is truly a professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking into getting permanent make up!”

Dee Ouellette


I never thought I would do it, a tattoo…. On my forehead!? With my strawberry blonde (natural) hair colour and pale skin my eyebrows were non-existent. For a minimum of 10 mins a day I would spend with a pencil and stencil in front of the mirror trying to get the perfect arch.  I was ‘googling’ around one day when I found Nancy’s site, it sounded like a great idea, except for the ‘what if’ part. A few months and a hundred stencils later I finally worked up the courage to call her.

I showed up to meet Nancy with my heart racing on a Saturday morning.  It took me less than a minute to realize I had nothing to be afraid of.  Nancy was professional, thorough and made me feel completely comfortable.  I did a lot of research before going there that day and still had a hundred questions, of which all of them were answered and my mind at ease.  We decided on the perfect shade and shape and away we went. Virtually painless and she lead me every step of the way describing what she was doing, showing me every few minutes the progress.  Healing was a breeze over the next 5 days or so and I’ve never looked back.  Best thing I have ever done and I would not hesitate to send anyone her way. Love the results! Thank you Nancy!

Thank goodness I did! 10 minutes a day, 3650 minutes a year, 60 hours in a year, 60 hours I would spend just on my eyebrows and I have every second of that time back.



I was a little hesitant getting PMU at first, but I’m so glad that I got my brows done by Nancy. There’s no maintenance and I love the fact that I can just “get up and go”. It looks so beautiful and natural. It is worth every penny and I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thanks Nancy!



I did my eyebrows, and I love them!
It looks fantastic, and so easy to maintain now.

Wake up every day with a perfect shape, and color eyebrows!!!
It didn’t hurt at all!!!
Nancy is a great permanent makeup artist, worth every penny!!!
Thank you!!! Will be back for more!!!!



I just love my beautiful eyebrows. Before my eyebrows were thick, too full and looked really heavy making my eyes very dark. Now with these lovely brows my eyes stand out and I get compliments by everyone about how beautiful they are. They are easy to keep and you just have to pluck every once in awhile to keep them up with no maintenance. They are especially wonderful every mornng just get up an go, NO FUSS, NO MUSS. I JUST LOVE MY BROWS!!!!!!

Janet Dellow


My brows were very light and thin and I always had to place liner on them which would last a half of a day if I was lucky. I was referred to Nancy who I would say is an artist. Nancy styled my brows beautifully, they actually made my face look younger. I had this procedure done January 2010 and it is now February 2011 and they still are beautiful. It is wonderful to just get up and go and not to have to worry about liner. I would have this done again and again on a drop of a dime. Thank you

Jodi Orr
Sundre, AB


I love my PMU (top/bottom eye, brows & lip liner) – getting ready for work in the
morning is so much faster and easier.No more eye irritations form eye make up. My
eyes and lips look great – 24/7 – swimming, sports, travelling. I looked for a well
qualified PMU artist for a year before I found someone I had full confidence in. I’m
so happy with the results. Nancy is great at matching color with skin tones and
using the right amount of PMU for your style. The procedure was easy – Nancy made
sure I didn’t experience any pain by keeping the area well anaesthetized.



I love my permanent make-up. It has been totally maintenance free and looks fantastic. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve done for myself.

I can comfortably leave the house without putting any additional make-up on and still feel attractive.  The down time is very minimal.  With the numbing cream you barely feel a thing.  Nancy is a perfectionist and did a superb job!  I would recommend this to any woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for herself and who wants to feel better about herself.

Thanks so much!


All I can say is WOW!  I am what I consider a “wimp” but getting my eyebrows done was actually quite painless (to my surprise).  If you are that person that loves that polished look but would like it to be effortless…then permanent make up is for you!  If you enjoy travelling to warm destinations (where our make up melts), participate in sports or waking up to perfection, then I recommend this to you.  Nancy has a naturally soft hand and is a perfectionist!